Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meh with a capital M

Sorry Folks. A pretty poor effort tonight.
What a week.
Had the Bobette in hospital Thurs, Fri & Sat. A recurring gastric problem brought to a head by a virus that dehydrated her to a pretty chronic state. I stayed with her at the hospital on Friday night. Note I didn't say slept. I struggled - I readily recognise that one of my many character flaws is that my tolerance for fools is linked to my current level of sleep debt. Most of the staff at the hospital were wonderful, fabulous, caring, kind and skilled. One particular bitch of a nurse & a "Look how shit hot I am Dr." will probably never know how close they came to a NB fist enema.
SWMBO & I have been bouncing over another rough patch. When the communication between partners falls in a heap it's hard to get through issues.
& work of course has been, well, just hard frackin work.
I've received some not so thinly veiled comments from friends this may no longer be the anonymous platform I thought it was. It's a bit of a bitch, as I was enjoying being able to vent what was on my mind without filtering for fear of causing offence, or making things at home more difficult than they already are. Perhaps it's time for another blog. I'll keep you informed.
I know that most of the planet have a far harder path to walk than I, but holy mother of Dog it wears on a man you know.
I feel I'm letting the team down.
But that is all I've got today.
I'm sorry. Perhaps I'll be in a better frame of mind tomorrow.


  1. You have had a crook loved one, a few tools to deal with, work and now knuckle draggers making smart arsed comments about your blog being read in the wrong places.
    What are you apologising for man! You deserve a medal for not giving someone a need of the use of a straw when eating as far as I am concerned, for what my opinion is worth.

  2. Mate, if someone in the hospital system is a tool don't be afraid to tell them. The missus has spent her entire life in and out of various horsepiddles dealing with every brand of human you could possibly come across and man, some of the stuff she tells them would make a sailor cringe. Screw 'em mate, screw 'em all.

    It's a shame when you stop feeling comfy in your own 'house'. I gave my brother my blog address a week or two back only cause he doesn't really know me. I do find myself being slightly more conscious of content. It's bizarre, I don't know why. I don't really mention my family.

    There's no shame in feeling slightly beaten. You're human after all, aren't ya?.

  3. I always keep in mind that a blog posting may be read by some one I'm not expecting to. I hope the Bobette is on the mend.

  4. Ditto with the Bobette, Hope she is recovering.

    Earlier this week I had a run with an smart arse bitch at Centrelink. It was my annual medical review and she decided I was fit enough to go back into the system despite all the Doctors and Specialists reports. So I asked to see her Supervisor. He took one look at my file and wrote me off for another 12 months of "undergoing treatment" and medically unable to do anything. He also gave the Smart Arse Bitch a dressing down saying she is not qualified to make that decision and was to follow the Medical Reports and Recommendations and to facilitate any assistance I needed. That'll learn her.

    The good news is that the lady who normally looks after my medical needs at Centrelink will be back from leave next week. She is excellent and can't do enough to help me.

    If you do change Blogs let us know by email. That is if it isn't us you are trying to ditch...

  5. He can't ditch us Al, HE.JUST.CAN'T. o_O

    He votes, he can be found. Just saying.

  6. Mate it will be a shame if you have to close down. Hope the bobette gets well soon.

    As for the other stuff you'll get through. keep in contact

  7. AL Cheers mate, it's all good. Just started the week tired and 5 count 'em 5 to go before days off.
    Ahh, Besting the Centrelink Fascist. That brings up fond memories.

    Moko, it takes an extra step of bravery to have a chop at someone with power over you.

    Thanks all for the good wishes for The Bobette. She's back to rude health and i'tude.

  8. Hope things pick up with you, the missus and la Bobette - it is a pain in the ass when work colleagues find ones blog



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