Friday, March 20, 2009

Rhino Support Vehicle

Well, I've got to say I was a little surprised when I found this parked outside my office the other morning. I wondered how severe the goring was I was to receive and what heinous sin I had committed to deserve it.

Obviously this one was a high speed walk in humidor, with a samovar serving piping hot Earl Grey and a selection of horn polishing creams.

It got me wondering. If you had a lifestyle support vehicle, what would it contain?

Mine would be a combined book shop and tackle store, with a swing out Jason recliner (Lazy boy for those across the Pacific) a mini fridge containing icy cold ciders and freezer temp Vodka and possibly an Amsterdam Coffee Shops "specials."


  1. Mazda RX-8. Fridge. Fold-put bed. Tarpaulin. Electronic contanct. Keys to the palace. Breville coffee maker. Gosh we have a lot in common.

  2. Had one as a young Fella. A Sandman (a type of panel van for you young uns), Double matress, caravan fridge, Kick ass stereo system. What more would a young weekend beach bum want?

    These days my life support system would be a fully worked Winnebago. Hey, no one said you can't be comfortable while roughing it.

  3. Crewman SS V8 ute with a barista unit in the tray. And a disabled parking sticker. I'm prepared to affect a limp if people query my apparently unmunted appearance.

    Failing that a green mud-splattered Subaru 4wd, worth (i.e owes me) bugger all, unbreakable, used as intended by the engineers who built same (i.e. unsympathetically). That would be my daily driver. And is, as it turns out.

  4. reliable Internet access that didn't cost 78million dollars.
    coffee machine.
    um... thats it. coffee,beer and access to porn.

  5. VW Kombi avec Reuters screen, two phones, fast internet, bottomless cup of english breakfast tea, mum's kenwood mixer with sausage-making attachments, chest freezer for: ingredients; finished products; hiding the bodies.

  6. Spa, bar & stripper pole would cover it!

  7. Extremely large amount of cash, with that I reckon I could support any lifestyle I wanted.

  8. What a sweet, sweet vehicle. Brings a tear to one's eye now don't it?


  9. I'm inclined to think, it should pergaps have those imatation bullet holes, splashed across those tharrrrr Rhino's, but If ya cannot find them, let me know. Happy to put REAL ones in for ya.

  10. Lerm comes a close second (as gentlemen do.)
    Naut wins for out & out practicality.
    Therbs gets a special bonus prize for cryptic comment.

    Would like some feedback on Mr. Singh over atthe Mini Burger if'n you have the time.

  11. Rifle and pistol safe (plus ammo store of course), bose sound system, reclining sofa with built in 360, 36 inch lcd, wine fridge (with cider bottle shelf), oh and a chauffeuse!!

  12. HEY!, what about big bloody driving lights and a BULL BAR

  13. The lads car from Supernatural, and Naut an Armagaurd truck drinks fuel like nothing else, and it's got GPS so we can always find you.

  14. Why am I not surprised that B B Al had a sandman? God, we didn't have drunken sex once, did we?

  15. Chaz, Im surprised you'd bother with hand weapons when the support vehicle is there, and all you really need is a laser pointer to light a target...



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