Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brain Farts

I don't know about you but if I let my brain coast in neutral it tends to misbehave. 2 Quick examples.

1 Is eggshell the only common English word with four consonants in a row?

2 A bridge is an architectural device that allows traffic to cross from one side of an obstacle to another, avoiding the obstacle. A ford is a shallow part of a river / creek / stream where traffic can safely wade across. Can we use these distinctions to rate or assign value to Oxford and Cambridge?
So I guess that's why I try to keep busy.
What intellectual flatulence do you have to share?


  1. The reference to allowing traffic to cross in the 'bridge' part of Cambridge is clearly part of the English sense of humour. No traffic ever gets through Cambridge. It's buses and delivery trucks only as I gather. They even have remotely deploying underground bollards which spring out of the road to sodomise your car if you dare bring a private motor vehicle into the centre of town.

  2. That on the 9 May in 1864 during the American civil war in at the battle of Spotsylvania union General John Sedgwick disgusted at the way his men were, quite rightly it turns out, taking cover was heard to exclaim

    “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance..”

    One soldier who responded to this that he preferred to duck when being shot at, even from a great distance. To this the general replied

    “all right man go to your place” just as an enemy sharp-shooter took the general out.

    I know what you mean about letting the mind wander. Mine is far to small to be let out on its own.

  3. I sort of think about something immediately at hand. Like why my video remote now operates my TV without ever having done so before. ANd why a bunch of cockroaches spontaneosuly decided to have sex together one night in my loungeroom in late summer. For the later I decided it was payback on a yabbie I once caught an ate in my childhood. But that's another story.

  4. When you die, does does your soul personality merge with all the other soul personalities like yours, and therefore, do you end up talking to yourself for eternity, or until your next incarnation - whichever you happen to believe in? How much would that suck. You'd so want to get back to the physical realm - just for the sake of an argument!

    And thermos flasks - they can keep stuff hot or cold - but how does it know?

  5. Man that river is something isn't it? Hey Nowhere. take me fishing one of these days. Looks like your standing on my sacred site at Munna Pt.

  6. On the pontoon @ work Hughsey, looking up towards you & yours. I'd love to take you for a fish.
    As for you merging soul concept - ugh - all those neocons for whom I have honed my hate to a razors edge?

    Therbs I dunno about the video remote, but RE Roach love in; did you leave Barry White playing on the stereo?

    BarnesM, Thankyou - I was needing an Irony suplement.

  7. oh SHIT, NOT GOOD.

    Im inclined to ask..does it really matter?, so by that, I'm the Anti matter, which then in my anti matter presence, did matter appear, I fear it should not have mattered at all.

    but then, I see me saing the world, inflicting vengeance upon those less skiiled, more troubled, and would seek to do unto other, tha whcih they want to, to themselves, do get 40 virgins Or not. Hmm, reckon its a long day.

    But wouldnt It be cool, if with the press of a button, you car, turned into a fighter jet, not a new type, cos its the ute i be in, but maybe an F4E Phantom, sorta befitting, arching up to clash with the planets ever present bad guys. I day dream WAAAAAAAAY to go dam much.

  8. see.I'm wasted....Should have spell and type checked that last post...bloooody hell



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