Monday, March 22, 2010

You have got to be sh!tting me

29 September 2009

19 March 2010

Same roundabout, same direction, even the same damned lane.
At least this time I was in front.
Goes to show what a high set tow hitch can do to an unsuspecting (or inattentive) Nissan.


  1. Same happened to me... kind of. About a month after having my car written off by rear-ending a muppet who was giving way to nowt, I got backed over while stationary by a Toyota 4WD. Not quite the same intersection though - that's incredible.

  2. Wow. That's freaky shit.
    I hope nobody got injured.

    After dealing with tailgaters all the way home from Caloundra to Brisbane last night, though, I must way - you've inspired me to get a tow bar.

  3. Bob, you haven't seen black cat about have you? I hope the beast is still drivable.

  4. Very Minor damage to my Hilux, probably only cosmetic. Bent fk out of my # plate & ruined my refugee bumper sticker.
    Good thing it didn't damage my "Allah is surely with those who persevere" sticker though or there would have been some very harsh, well harsher words.

    Strange thing, the lady who was driving the Nissan was obviously concerned that I was going to abuse her. When I made sure she was not harmed and stayd with her until the towies had her loaded & good to go, she expressed her suprise & thanks! Now I'm a big bloke (a touch over 6ft and on the better side of 100kg) and I wear a beard, but it always amazes me when some one is intimidated by me. I guess how I see me is different to how others see me.

  5. Yeah interestingly I had the same reaction from the mum-of-young-kids who backed over my car in her parental tractor. It's a crappy old Audi but looks flasher than it is, so maybe she thought I was some shiny yuppy who was likely to sue her or something.

  6. Its not you, its everyone else out there.
    I do most of the driving and I'm amazed at how many guys think it's OK to threaten me and try to intimidate me in the traffic. Having come across some utter FKN psychos who have tried to kill us all in the traffic and then blame someone else (preferably smaller and female) for their own stupidity, I've come to the conclusion that if I was in an accident I'd resist the urge to give whoever a serve.

    I've only ever been hit by old ladies, once while I was parked at the kerb outside our house and another time when we touched bumper bars in the car park at Coles. And in both cases I was more concerned that the old lady would have a heart attack over the fact that it was her third accident in as many months. Insurance takes care of it, why get stressed? The worst we've ever done to our car is backing out of our own driveway, a narrow inclining cliff that would nobble a hairy goat.

  7. Too many idiots on the road .. AND STILL they won't let me mount claymores on the bumpers or a gyrostabilised Gimpy on the roof.

    Glad you and the rear ender are unhurt though.

  8. That's also what you get when you look in the rear view mirror and discover Mr Enormo Lurking Spider is in the back seat.

  9. Mr. Enormo Lurking spider wouldn't be in the back seat if NB kept it clear of tentacle prOn.

  10. Nbob, coming down for burger festivities at BAT? I think GC is trying to organize a group of burgers for opening night of Babes.
    I'm busy with assignments so will probably go on 1 May with Chaz and his missus, and Morgana.

    Discussion in progress re: various social gatherings at Chaz's site and at Madame's.

  11. Nbob. We are doing rollcall for Chaz Day at Chaz's blog a more roundabout, cat herding kind of a way, at Morgana's.

    Dinner at Mirasoul Tapas Bar Friday 30 April, Babes at BAT 8pm Sat 1 May.

    General Havock will be here on some mystery date. I have now been given three different dates for his arrival so I assume this is Counter Intelligence's way of thwarting any assassination attempts on the CBG think tank. Although Someone In The Know assures me that he's simply screwed up and booked a flight on the wrong date and now he's stuck with it.

    Hoping you can make it. I believe some spouses will be in tow if you think your lady wife would be interested in such a gathering.
    Not sure about mine.
    The Bloke is down with toothache, and judging from his suffering and the way he's hoeing into my period pain medication, its possible I may be widowed by then.

  12. Unlikely Aunty Q, but thankyou for the headsup.

  13. I liked your Anzac day post, Nbob.
    I didn't go this year - I went last year to the service at Redcliffe.
    Not because I'm a local but because Dad lived there for a while after the war and had a lot of friends out there. All of whom he became isolated from as his mental health and alcoholism deteriorated over the years.

    So I chose to go to that one, in particular, in memory of his friends and what the war cost him. Cost us as a family, really.

    Thanks for that post.

  14. YEAH..very good ANZAC day post buddy.

    and on the car front...OOOOPS...big fkn oooops really.




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