Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Horses? pah get with the 21st century.

Over @ JB's place he's got a shoot 'em up game, looks pretty cool. But why on horseback? I mean really. Shall I fire up my steam launch or bone drilling awl? Get with the technology.
Motorcycles are far, way and hella better than horses.

215kph. English motorway. 04:00 Julyish 1991.

Really pretty simple when you put it like that.
Motorcycles are better. Indisputable fact.

I will grant the following.

Motorcycles can't feed themselves from the surrounding environment. (but really neither can horses)
Motorcycles can't swim.
2 Motorcycles can't make a third one.

But I am convinced that in every other circumstance motorcycles are better than horses.

[edit 18:00 5.5.10]


  1. Road Rash 64. Teh Awsm when it came to motorbike-borne combat games, IMO.

    I'd like to subscribe to your pamphlet NBob, though noting the following reservations: you can't make pastrami from a Ducati Monster. And finding the steering head and forks off same in your bed w.r.t. one's outstanding gambling debts is more likely to confuse than scare, I'd have thunk.

  2. There's vehicles of various descriptions in it. Granted, no Hayabusa's.

  3. What have you got against horses, NBob? John Wayne liked horses. Nik Kershaw likes horses.

    Admittedly, I hate the stupid things, but that's because they hated me first. With prejudice.



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