Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The crippled shopping-trolley of crap we call an exsistance

Ok. This should give you the equivilant of a coupla thousand words to start with.

I was steaming home when a nice man in his 04 Falcon became a new & interesting hood ornament for my Hilux. My insurer who shall remain nameless tried to duck & weave and minimise their "Exposure." A poor strategy on their behalf, met by my war-face led to a "Recalculation." The end result is a $400 excess and a $400 "co-contribution" making it an $800 momentary lapse, but better than the original offer of "Suffer in your jocks."

Dad is mending well. He is weak as a kitten and has no stamina, but is in relatively fine spirits. He's joking with the staff & visitors, but I can tell he wants out. He make frequent references to the "Escape Comittee Meetings" and "Tunnel George is progressing well." OK, so a big zero points for subtlety on his part & sensitivity on mine.
I am still blown away by the events of 5 weeks ago. I really don't know what to add but thank you all for your best wishes, it looks like the crotchety old bugger aint done yet.
Moving on.

On the home front Blue Helmets report no serious skirmishes or breaches of the Norwegian Accord cease fire. Some activity continues in this geopolitical hotspot. The Junta accuse the insurrection forces of the BLA (Bobette Liberation Army) of laundry sabotage. Namely dumping clean clothes back into the dirty laundry hamper as it's easier than putting it away.
In return the Freedom Fighter Forces allege the Junta's Secret Police have been interfering in the legitimate social activities of "Friends dropping around uninvited & unannounced at 8:30 PM on a sunday evening."
Relative to some of the engagements of the past few years this is Very Small Beer indeed.

Sorry folks, that's about it for today.

S'funny that I've been having all these slightly crazed thoughts 3am at frequently culminating in "Hmm, should Blog about that," but when I'm sitting here all good to go I can't think of any of them.


  1. Bloody insurers, I am sure it is policy to reject all claims first time they are submitted.

    Good to hear the old man is on the mend, they built 'em tough in those days.

  2. Bloody hell, same shite happened to me. Middle aged Chinese lady decided giving way to absolutely fkn nothing was an entirely reasonably course of action. Thump. Insurers wrote the car off. Without actually telling us, so we're sitting around waiting for the smash repairers to fix a car that had long been gutted and sent off to auction. Arseclowns.

  3. Good to hear your Dad is on the mend. Insurance companies, happy to take your money but the responsibility.

  4. Wow. Lotsa stuff there. Good luck! I'm not sure that from a 'pure hassle' angle, the car accident won't be the biggest headache.

    Good to hear about your Dad. He is a tough old fellow, sounds like.

  5. Your description of home-front skirmishes had me giggling. I miss your way with words here at Desthpicable...though I do find the 'hood ornament' euphemism a little generous!!!

  6. Hi Bob. Kids eventually leave home, cars get fixed but your old dad is a oncer, so glad to see he's so loved.
    3AM? sounds familiar. Try getting up and writing it down then. When you have another look in the cold light of day, it's either briliant or rubbish. With you it just might be brilliant!

  7. Mr Bob, glad things sound better re : the old man, bugger about the rear-ender (been there etc), and very funny re : Laundry Sabotage, I have strong suspicions myself that my daughters (age 10) are masters of this particular subterfuge!

  8. My 80-yr-old husband had nine weeks in Intensive Care earlier this year. When he was finally released into a ward, doc-in-charge told me to find him a high-care place in a nursing home, as he'd never come home or do anything for himself. Instead we got him into rehab where he relearned how to walk, and then I took him home, still needing help with eating etc. Sixteen weeks later, he's sitting on the terrace writing a letter (that's after showering and shaving himself, washing the brekky dishes and making our morning coffee). He's got two novels on the go (by Mafouz & Malouf). OK, he has some dementia and is much slower. But we (still) have a great life together. (Story's on my blog.) Keep fighting for your Dad's quality of life, and don't believe anything negative anyone tells you about his future. The medical world often know more about the human machine than the human spirit.



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