Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm at a low ebb.

At work the christmas holidays are always the hardest for me. Every day brings a fresh crop of clowns, idiots & agressive halfwits to my little world. I hate putting hurt on nice people who didn't read a speed sign or know what kind of fish that is. The aggressive ones are easier to deal with as there is an element of 'Fck You, cop this'. I also get suprises; I had a guy burst into tears the other day at a speeding ticket and another beg me, in front of 2 mates, actually plead with me not to issue a ticket for flares 3 years expired. That sh!t eats your soul, let me tell you. I'm also acting king. Even without crises there are times when it's Not good to be the king.

Dad's illness has recently been ah complicated with some pretty bad news. Surgery soon kind of bad news.

Because I'm A: preoccupied with the above, B: perhaps just a tiny tad surly and C: there is a chance that I may over-react to otherwise very minor Piss Me Offs things are not so sunshine & buttercups @ home.

Pick 'em up & put them down.
Anyone remember the old horse in Animal Farm?


  1. Turtle I am here for you and just a phone call away. I know you can sort your own shit out but just wanted to extend the hand of friendship.

  2. As long as you're aware of what's going on around you and acknowledge that you're stressed then that's half the issue resolved in regards to the potential for over reaction.

    Maybe mention to the people at home - sorry, don't know the details - about the stress you're feeling. It actually makes a HUGE difference.

    When people are just kinda narkie then everyone is narkie, but if you all acknowledge the narkieness and possible cause the issue deflates somewhat and the issue is easier to deal with.

    Like Nat, always here for a yap if you need it mate.

  3. Hang in there buddy ... you do, indeed, have a massive circle of support out here. Let me know if you need anything .... I'm just a Skype call away. roger.ross74 on Skype.

  4. Bob, first, best wishes for your Dad. I hope everything goes okay.

    Second, it's a bitch when crap at work gets you down, especially when there are more important things to worry about.

    Don't stress about being stressed, it only makes it worse. We're all entitled to the odd meltdown, though it's hard to take when you know you're possibly overreacting to something due to outside influences.

    Hope things get better for you soon.

  5. What you need is a mental health break son. Nip on out to our rural spa - Health Retreats. A sherbet or two on the front verandah should do the trick.

  6. Bob, I know what its like when a Dad may be facing some bad stuff. Then you get the work stuff on top.
    Can't offer any advice but will say hang in, things will improve. I'd follow Hughesy if I were you.

  7. Thanks all
    'snice to know there are some on my team.

    1 more day till the weekend.
    Pick em up & put 'em down.

  8. Hey NB. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope everything goes well for him.

    I'd say head down this way for a bit of R&R but we have the same crop of clowns, idiots & aggressive halfwits down this end of the coast as well.

    I'd take up Hughsy's R&R offer... Some fresh country air to clear the salt.

  9. Hughesy's advice is solid but I'm inclined to yowl and shriek 'Cap the FKRS.'

    good luck with it all, esp your Dad, and may the FKWITS all crawl back under their rocks ASAP.

  10. Good advice from Moko there. It is indeed better when everyone knows the score. Been where you are with your Dad too, hope everything comes out OK. There's a bugger of a time when we seem to be caught between still supporting "kids" and caring for parents. Then I said that to a friend whose parents died when he was in his teens & never had kids. Ouch! If you're ever around Chelmer, I have beer, Guinness, scotch. Hell I have Alcohol. I'm

  11. GB its not all bad. My parents were both dead by the time I was 15. I'll admit I had a terrible time with both of them so the only way was up, after that. Kids weren't an option for me and the two of us have been pottering along happily enough for 22 years now, just us and the animals.
    Its been nice to have nieces and nephews and to see the next generation start to come along but seriously, I think we have a pretty easy time compared to anyone dealing with kids over 12. When they're little they're cute. Adolescence sucks. For the adults dealing with those in the throes of it, anyway. Everyone we know with a teenager experiences something hideous at some point. Quite often on a daily basis. Takes a while for them to get out of the whole attitude that goes with it, from what I've seen.

    Update, Nbob? Giant purple squid sightings?

  12. Sorry ya'll.
    A The clowns & buttmunchers have gone home.
    B I hand back the 24hr phone I call the conch @ 08:01 tomorrow.
    C As I hinted over @ the burger, dad has had another all new complication, this time cerebral. He is mentally sharp ( got 11 of 15 in newspaper quiz)(EG: name countries that border Bhutan)but persistant pain & radical loss of field of vision. 12 Year old Dr's are running out of ideas.
    2 out a 3 aint so great.

    As you may have guessed when writing the above I couldn't remember Boxer's name, so I googled & read some study notes. Geeze those people know how to kill the fun in a good read.


  13. Hope you find some answers soon. Thinking of you all.

  14. Ditto.

    Good luck with it all.



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