Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Compulsory listening

Launch a new explorer window.
Open this;
Download & save to your Ipod or whatever.
Go for a half hour walk, clean the windows or whatever.
I don't expect you to sit at the 'puter and listen for half an hour.
You could read the transcript, but I reccomend listening.

After you've listened to it.
Go back to the RN site, and get Lt Gen Peter Cosgroves Boyer lectures.

The discussion starts



  1. Known about this problem for a very long time. Twas the reason I stopped eating seafood. I've not eaten seafood for so long now that my brain rejects it because it doesn't think its food any more.
    The bonus features on "The Blue Planet" is great. Check that out. There are 19 kilos of bi-catch for every 1 kilo of prawns.
    Fish farming doesn't work either because most big fish eat little fish, not veggies, so trawlers go out and catch small fish to make pellets to feed the farmed fish.
    On the plus side, research in Asia has shown that you don't need to protect much, just the right places, to make sure fish have a fighting chance in the nurseries, to be able to successful restock other areas. Less than the size of Tasmania is currently protected in the world. Green zones are Australia catching up and a great move forward.
    On the downside more than half the worlds population rely on the seas for food, and at the current rates of overfishing (combined with Climate Change affecting land based food stocks) the Global Food Crisis is heading this planet for a major disaster.

  2. Oh yes we've stuffed the oceans as well, I reckon things will hold together long enough for me to shuffle off but it's lookin increasingly grim.

  3. "There are 19 kilos of by-catch for every 1 kilo of prawns"
    As someone who spends a bit of time on trawlers, I can assure you that is a worst case scenario, but yep it does happen sometimes.



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