Friday, September 3, 2010


3 weeks, well 2 and a bit left.
A bit of chilling, a bit of landscaping, some good work out at Mum & Dad's.
And a bit of packing...

Tomorrow [Sat 4th]  05:00 I'm heading to Mt Hutt Snowboarding.
If you cycle through the webcams (like I've been for 3 months now) You may just see a highspeed grinning Bob.
I'm more invested in this holiday than anything for many moons. My emotional barometer has tracked the Snow Base Graph. I've read every tip page I can google
I've researched gear. I bought a helmet from the US.
I've basically used it as a happy place for the last 5 or 6 months.

So If y'all excuse me I'll be Fking off, but before I go.

This completely boggles me.
Not only do these schmucks believe that they have The Way, Light & Truth, but deviation from the norm is met with an extraordinarily passionate deadly force. It would seem the most torturous and F'kd up ways of killing someone is reserved for apostates. To the extent that if I believe something entirely %100 different then I'm to be pitied as I'm doomed to eternal yadeya, you may even reach out an act of love and attempt to bring me into the ciricle. But if I believe something %5 different, you'll be sharpening your smoting stick?
This impassioned exclusivity freaks me out. How can you be That sure?
I guess it's where 'dogmatic' came from.

And apparently an average Australian annually eats 193 eggs.
I find that a surprising figure, but I'm not sure if I thought it'd be < or >.
What do you reckon?


  1. FKN BASTARD..snow boarding, i'll be fkn working on the pergola and thats about fkn it!. I hope ya do a face plant ya bastard!

  2. Mate just came back from Queenstown today at a conference, they're getting significant dumpage on the Alps as we speak (had to detour via fkn Gore to avoid driving thru it). Been a pretty average season by the sounds but should be fresh powder delivered on schedule for your visit.

  3. Erm... notwithstanding the 7.1 scale earthquake that just beat the living shite out of Christchurch and Canterbury... there's powder there if you can get to it!

  4. Shit - good timing sure you're not one of those butterflies flapping their wings?

  5. The Wiki page definition says that if you are 5% deviant, then you are an Heretic. That, I believe, calls for stoning rather than the pointy-sticked prodding of the Apostate. Surely you wouldn't mind getting stoned, would you Bob?

    Meanwhile, I think that the egg figure doesn't take into account the eggs included in foods like ice cream, cake, biscuits, rissoles, and a wealth of other culinary creations. So it's most probably >193.

    Have fun skiing. Don't eat the yellow snow.

  6. People get sensitive about their eggs.

    Should I be including easter eggs in my annual consumption here?



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