Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Furphy tanks

Ok, you're looking at the wall of my Dad's shed.
And proudly mounted there is a Furphy Tank end.
A convex cast iron disc about 1.2m in diameter and massing about 40kg+/- with a spigot fitting.
As I understand it Furphy cast 2 ends or caps then shipped them to the client.
The client then rolled sheet metal around the ends to make a tank.
The little legs were for mounting on a stand or jinker - a bullock drawn carriage.

Why my Dad has one on his shed is beyond me. That's just the kind of Krazy Kat he is.
So there you go. It's not a Furphy, yet it is.


  1. The old cast iron gear about a thing of the past.

  2. From Abigail

    Lol,I have no idea what any of those words mean or what it's a about but it doesn't matter;it's certainly an interesting object from a artist's perspective. It'd make a great piece for a sculpture.

  3. Bob, can you please have a close look at the poem that starts 'Good better best'. Can't quite read it even after blowiing it up.
    Where was it made and by whom? Maybe you could even tell us the list of advertised products cast into the tank end! Fascinating!

  4. Managed to make out 'Sheparton' but alwaays knew it wasn't China! ha ha.

  5. SR,
    Good Better Best
    Never let it rest
    'Till you good is better and your better - best.

    Spike Rollers, Swingle Trees, Plough Wheels, Iron Castings, Chain Yokes. I cant read any others, but I'll check it out tomorrow when I'm out there if you'd like.

    I'm intrigued by the Arabic. Of all the potential markets, Chinese, Malay, or where-ever- Arabic?

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  7. Bob, a peace offering:

  8. The inscription is not Arabic, but "Pitman Shorthand", and the Furphy's website gives the history of the tanks, the dates of manufacture and translates the shorthand along the lines 'water is a gift from God, beer and whisky are the work of the Devil.'


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