Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Limping towards the finish line

Have you seen the footage of the ultramarathon Johnnies so exhausted that their body is being propelled through sheer force of will?

My professional sunny disposition is starting to feel a bit that way.

One more day

One more day

One more day

Then two blessed asshat free weeks.

I didn't post just to bitch about what is really one of the best jobs going 8.5 months per year.

I do have something for you.

Do you ever savour words? Roll them around your tongue like wine?
Today, mine is (drumroll please) Upholstraphile.
Just try it.
Out loud, nice & slow like you've a speach & drama forcing you to elocute every syllable.
I dont know if it's a real word, I dont care much.
I was rained on, in a small boat, up a shitsville creek for most of the day. I spoke to some 50 boats, had to book Klietus & Billy Bob for an unregistered boat & (more to piss of my boss than anything) I let them off for one little crab. "We was gunna let it go at the ramp, honest!"
If I want to play with a made up word, I reckon thats ok.


  1. I think I would become an afficionado of upholstery if I was stuck in a boat all day in the rain. You go your hardest, Bob.

    REmember, Qld needs the cash, next time you're thinking of letting Cletus and Billy-Bob off the hook.

    There's a Global Financial Crisis going on.

  2. I'm going on hols at the end of the week too. Two whole weeks of not hearing the words: Global, Financial, or Crisis.

  3. No haven't seen this...Hi there Bob :)

  4. Farnarkelling is one of my fave words.

  5. NB you should go for that job caretaking on the island! Even easier

  6. Can't post - sleeping.

    Thanks for you good wishes.



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